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KH: A Doubtful Soul Chapter 2
Kingdom Hearts: A Doubtful Soul
Chapter 2: Dual Familiarity, Comedic Beginnings, Act One
(In the Eyes of the Watcher)
Yuffie just stood there, with an annoyed look on her face. Her dark eyes were focused on the boy lying on her bed, staring back at her. She was annoyed that she even bought him in her, Leon, and Aeris' main living room. It became an even more annoyance when Aeris said to put the unconscious boy on HER room.
"You did find him…" Aeris had said, "So it's your responsibility to care for him." Leon had said nothing, but had a sly grin on his mouth. Yuffie had blushed when she saw this, sensing what Leon is thinking. But all three of them had thought of the same thing, "He looks familiar. I've seen him somewhere before…"
"Well?" The boy now spoke. His voice sounded familiar too. "Are you expecting a 'Thank you'?"
"WHAT?!" Yuffie shouted. "I JUST SAVED YOUR FRIGGIN' BUTT FROM A BUNCH OF HEARTLESS, AND THAT'S THE THANKS I GET?!?!" She continued to rant and rave at Riku--- but s
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KH: A Doubtful Soul Chapter 1
Kingdom Hearts: A Doubtful Soul
Chapter 1: Wandering Mind, Act Two
(In the Eyes of the Beholder)
Ugh…wh-where am I? This town, it seems familiar, like I've been here before...No, this is just Riku's memories, not mine.
"Ugh," I groaned. I was tired, and hungry. I have traveled far… as far as possible…away from Castle Oblivion. "Where am I now?"
"…Whoa!" I nearly tripped on nothing. I was stumbling around like a drunken, old man!
Then, I suddenly felt the tingly pang…that Heartless are near. The feeling was weak, but I know there are Heartless around. But, I'm too weak to fight at all. The feeling was getting stronger, and stronger, while I'm starting to feel weaker, and weaker…I started to pant for breath, I tried to gather all my strength…
And got the energy I needed…
I slowly stood straight, looking behind me. The Heartless has spotted me. I observed their numbers.
"Hmph…" I said to myself. Only a few Shadows and Darkballs, easy to take down. All of a sudden, they spotted me, a lone
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At Hour's Last
What does the changes of Life take to change, in eons and ages past?
As birds fly in the skies, as time passes fast.
When all is gilden, nothing can ever last,
A ray of sunlight, atop and amast.
When Darkness comes, Night is almost here.
Beside a lover, there is almost nothing to fear.
People will always let go, of people close and near,
At hour's Last, the sun rises true and clear.
A tinge of gray, touching the stars,
That reveals painful and horrible scars.
OF Battles lost, of people from Wars,
Trapped in a cage, unbreakable bars.
:iconjomasten:Jomasten 0 7
Kingdom Hearts:A Doubtful Soul
Kingdom Hearts: A Doubtful Soul
Prologue: A Wandering Soul, Act One.
…Who am I?
I think I'm nobody….
I tread on this path ALONE...!
I'll just wander in this world, no purpose or meaning,
For my remaining existence, why the Organization created me…
What?! To beat Sora? To destroy The Real Thing?
I'm just a fake, a copy of somebody that already exists…
These memories Namine…no, she's innocent for that.
…Vexen put in my mind are just fake.
I never had any memories, I'll never have any…
But where am I to go?
I'm tired, hungry, I've traveled far away from Castle Oblivion.
Away…from the painful memories.
But these memories of my Home…I mean Riku's home…
I'll keep this as my own,
He never had Namine as a friend back in Destiny Islands, did he?
…Hmm, I guess that makes me my own way…
But still…I'll never find a life of my own….
:iconjomasten:Jomasten 0 1
KH: Reverse.
Kingdom Hearts: If It Were.
Proulouge: He Disappeared...AGAIN?!
The sun was high up in a lovely afternoon at Destiny Castle. In the streets, kids were playing on the bustling-busy and peaceful marketplace. Traders, merchants, and buyers alike were happily shouting this way and that, like discounts and bonuses. On Destiny Castle itself, it was just as mellow and peaceful as it was outside.
   There, smiling contently to herself, High Sorceress Kairi spproached the double, double-size-gates-of-a-door that lead to The King's throne room. There were no
guards on the front as to the wishes of The King for he thinks that it makes him feel like a prisoner. It will be a wonder how a young (the youngest, in fact) High Sorceress could open that big of a door TWENTY TIMES HER SIZE...and broadness...she is thin, you know.
   But there, smiling to herself, was a tiny door knob amast this giant gate, and she twisted the knob, and a door, her size, appeared on the facade
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A New Philosophy.
When did I start?
When did I end?
Within my own hands,
A Reality to bend?
From Past to Present,
Abilities to send.
How did it turn this way?
Upon my Heart, my will is torn and rend.
A walk in the Night,
A run by the Day,
"I'm sorry, got to go.
Sorry, can't stay."
I fear for the Lives,
Wasted in squalor.
Where is the Chivalry
Where, oh where, is Valour?
When did I end?
When did I start?
Light like Darkness,
Darkness and Light tearing me apart.
:iconjomasten:Jomasten 1 10
I.D from CelticGoldRider by Jomasten I.D from CelticGoldRider :iconjomasten:Jomasten 1 5 This hands will be old again by Jomasten This hands will be old again :iconjomasten:Jomasten 0 0
Loneliness Gone
In my loneliness,
My passion gone cold.
My heart gone, beyond its healing.
Gone and void, no incandescent glow.
Walk away from everybody,
Walk away from community.
To live alone and lay there,
Hide away from people's feelings.
Waste away, gone and alone,
Nobody will even know of my disappearance.
Everybody would just think,
They left somebody.
...And won't remember me...
:iconjomasten:Jomasten 1 5
Heart Of Sword
Forged through sweat and coal,
To watch kingdoms, from rise to fall.
The taste of a thousand blood,
That bleed to a river flood.
To sheath and unsheathe the blade,
"Farewell to Life!" All men will bade.
The Red Moon shall shine,
And the blood will glow undivine.
To protect princesses and queens,
To save princes and few kings.
To rust from blood and time,
To be renewed in a hammering chime.
To hear the blade's song from every word,
Just listen, and trust, the Heart of Sword.
:iconjomasten:Jomasten 8 18
A mad Butcher with a knife,
Sitting in a tree,
Killing a little hamster, ever so slowly.
If you think that's just plain unholy,
He will come for you, 'cause it's your folly.
No hiding in a cave,
Block the entrance with boulders, times three
No use trying to flee,
Because, he will always see,
Where you will be.
No use trying to fly,
Like a little birdie.
No use diving under the sea,
'Cause the Butcher will shout will glee,
"No one will escape from me!"
Now, it is out of time,
So I decided to make a new little rhyme.
Sometimes, one can never pay for his crime.
Might as well be silent as a mime…
:iconjomasten:Jomasten 0 2
Passion Flame
I am beside my one and only true love,
In this cold and freezing midwinter night.
I look a t her and feel free… Like a dove.
I am bewitched! Behold a beautiful sight!
We sit, cuddling in Fames of Passion,
Beside the fireplace… Beside the licking ember.
I looked at her again; I thought "What a marvelous sight!"
She is asleep! In a beautiful slumber.
She slowly opens her, she smiles at me alone,
We have our love, strong with our will.
As the flame sings its hot… yet romantic tone.
We warm each other tightly, as though cold with a chill.
But we have our Passion Flame, our Romantic Fire!
That will keep burning, burning without tire.
:iconjomasten:Jomasten 0 4
Full Moon Tonight
It's the end of the month, and it's in full moon!
Like a spring flower in full bloom!
I hope next month will come real soon!
And give me happiness and energy in my little room!
:iconjomasten:Jomasten 0 6


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Asks all of you to DIE!!!
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Heyya, everyone! Been quite some time since I did something productive.

First of all, I've recently started to write fanfictions again. It has improved dramatically from my old style, but it still kinda sucks. I'm also redoing a lot of my works since I lost the old drafts, and integrating my new writing style into most of them.

I'm also working on an original story.

If anyone would like to bother with it, Here's my page.

Side note: I've also started to practice drawing, but it's still horrible. Can't get past the stick figure stage... I also want to get Photoshop, But I's poor...


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